At both local and national levels, SDS experts, in their previous duties within the French Gendarmerie, took part in various crisis management.
In France as public safety officer for a district, abroad in the conflicts context of external operations, or recently in the diplomatic positions such as in the French Embassy, SDS's counsellor have an unique and incomparable  knowledge in full business security.

Economic Intelligence is a process

The goal is to protect the business

To avoid a crisis in case of event

To never impact reputation and image

Each case is a particular audit





This audit permits to evaluate up an exhaustive assessment of the existing equipments, the acquired knowledge of the level of protection, the capacities of reaction, and the targets of progressions.


This is the audit of "threat real is not the feel of threat".

This audit permits to check the implementation and the great application of the rules, to detect the eventual weacks in the existing security processes, to control the equipment quality and know-how.


This is the "Self protection" audit.

This deep assessment always takes place after an initial audit, this is the most complete. The security audit permits to discern the urgency of the necessary, to sectorise the vital needs and the fundamental wills, in perfect symbiosis with all the core business and with the greatest precision.


This is the audit of "efficiency".