Siam Diagnostic Security

Department of Security Diamond Services

• The team:

All sectors of one company must be concerned by the EI project: the sales, purchasing, human resources, production, communication, R&D ... 

Employees permanently mind safety, and their contribution is necessary to the smooth starting of the project and then, their contribution is essential to achieve the objectives set.


• Communication:

Communication is the main key to the success in any crisis management. But poorly managed, it becomes a disastrous pitfall.

Crisis management is a crucial tool, and when it happens it must be made available to a skilled person in order to handle it efficiently.


A dangerous myth is to consider that information is reduced to what can be recorded and handled on a computer.





An event is an unforeseen situation that can be happy or unhappy. This situation can present or not a risk.

The mastering of this event will generate a happy ending, or in reverse, will create a conflictual athmosphere.

If this atmosphere continue to degenerate and extending to various areas or in the media, we are in CRISIS



Welcome in the fabulous world of the fast loss.


Serenity can sleep under the most cruel blows, and then, wake up, wounded to death by a simple scratch ...

Impacts on image recorded on two social network due to a food poisoning