Siam Diagnostic Security

Department of Security Diamond Services

At both local and national levels, SDS experts, in their previous duties within the French Gendarmerie, took part in various crisis management.
In France as public safety officer for a district, abroad in the conflicts context of external operations, or recently in the diplomatic positions such as in the French Embassy, SDS's counsellor have an unique and incomparable  knowledge in full business security.

Awareness (thematic seminars)
On-site training
Online formation
Training your security officer
Sectoral training
Continuing Education (Refresher Seminars)
Crisis Management Training
Practical exercises (best conducts)





Structural, technic or human, security must be present within each company and department. A strategic evaluation of the different equipment to implement, with the acceptance of concerned staff must be proposed.


Equipment, regulations, training, are all various domains that will give very few possibilities to hazardous situation.

Implement Economic Intelligence system in a company can be achieved under multiple levels, during various phases, under different speeds, and does not necessarily requires significant investment.


The master key is to define the needs and the manners to integrate this new organization in the system to adopt it, adapt to it and develop it.

ON SITE (in situ)


Everyone in the company has to be aware of its place and his task within EI.

Everyone should know the sources, be encouraged to mind about the company's strategy and pass on the information to the concerned. 

Training and sensitizing staff on sharing information and break the current inertia is motivating factor and warranty of success process.



All sectors of one company must be concerned by the EI project: the sales, purchasing, human resources, production, communication, R&D ... 

Employees permanently mind safety, and their contribution is necessary to the smooth starting of the project and then, their contribution is essential to achieve the objectives set.



Communication is the main key to the success in any crisis management. But poorly managed, it becomes a disastrous pitfall.

Crisis management is a crucial tool, and when it happens it must be made available to a skilled person in order to handle it efficiently.